Monday, November 1, 2010

#3 on 2006 Profit Hot 50 - Raghu Kilambi's Swiss Medica Ranked #3 Fastest Growth Companies

Under Raghu Kilambi's direction, his SwissMedica company was ranked #3 fastest growing company in Canada.

The company is described as "sells three patented over-the-counter products used to treat chronic illness, pain and depression."  Under his direction they grew their revenue from $113,258 in 2003 to $5,923,057 in 2005. Source: | Raghu Kilambi

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MyScreen Mobile CEO: Raghu Kilambi Featured on DataQuest Marketing To Cell Special

DataQuest Marketing to Cell Article

MyScreen Mobile
CEO: Raghu Kilambi
Year of Start-up: 2007
Target Customers: Brands, agencies

Positioning : MyScreen is a patent-pending innovative marketing and advertising solution within the mobile communications industry. It enables advertisers to communicate with the consumer, and establishes direct dialog between the two. MyScreens technology is both a permission and incentive-based marketing model that allows mobile subscribers to be compensated for receiving targeted rich-full screen, contextual advertisements which appear at end-of-call, when subscribers are most receptive to view communications.

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Marketing to Cell
Internet on mobile has unleashed the undeniable potential that mobile marketing has in countries like India, where even PC Internet penetration fails